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70th Reunion
Tuesday, 6/11/2024

12:00 pm until 4:00 pm
Tavistock Country Club
Friends, children, spouses invited to help us celebrate our last reunion
Send $35 to Mark Sibley, 134 Cider Press Drive, Mullica Hill, NJ 08062 by June 1.
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Third Tuesday of every month September through May/June, except December. Contact us for the location.

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Pierce's January Updates for the Class of 1956

January 31, 2021


To the HMHS Class of 1956 Email Group 

(Sent to 3 Email Sub-Groups- Now Totaling 116)


Classmate News:   


January 1- New Year’s Day


January 17- Happy Birthday to Howard Becksted (Newtown, PA)!


January 18- Martin Luther King, Jr’s Birthday


January 23- Happy Birthday to Dick Mitchell (Voorhees, NJ)!


January 29- Happy Birthday to Pat Wheeler Green (Southern Pines, NC)!





NOTE: If anyone lives outside of New Jersey, but visits the Cherry Hill/ Haddonfield area from time to time, we would like to add you to the Gals Luncheon or Guys Lunch announcement emails.  Just let Lynne, Ann or Pierce know.  


The 1st 2021 Gals Luncheon will be held as soon as practical. Specific date & place TBD. Given current Covid-19 levels and restrictions in S. Jersey, this will be later in 2021.  

Contact Lynne Van Sciver Scheiter by phone at (856) 983-2189 or Ann Edwards Barnes by phone at (856) 429-5027 or by email at


The 1st 2021 Guys Lunch will be held as soon as practical, at Kaminski’s. Specific date TBD. Given current Covid-19 levels and restrictions in S. Jersey, this will be later in 2021.

Then, RSVP  to Pierce at  or (856) 261-5946 (cell).



Combined Gals/Guys Luncheons (Couples & Solos) 


None scheduled for 2020 or 2021, yet

· 13th- held in October 2019 at Tavistock- 21 persons- 7 couples & 7 solos, incl. 14 classmates

· 12th- held in May 2019 at Tavistock- 29 persons- 10 couples & 9 solos, incl. 19 classmates

· March 2018 was planned at Tavistock, but was snowed out!  

· 11th- held in March 2017 at Merchantville Country Club- 27 persons- 12 couples & 3 solos, incl. 16 classmates

· 10th- held in March 2016 at Tavistock- 30 persons- 10 couples & 10 solos, incl. 21 classmates

· 9th - held in March 2015 at Tavistock- 36 persons- 16 couples & 4 solos, incl. 22 classmates

·        8th - held in March 2014 at Tavistock- 37 persons- 16 couples & 5 solos, incl. 24 classmates

·        7th - held in March 2013 at Tavistock- 41 persons- 16 couples & 9 solos, incl. 27 classmates

·        6th - held in March 2012 at Tavistock- 42 persons- 17 couples & 8 solos, incl. 26 classmates

·        5th - held in March 2011 at Tavistock- record 49 persons- 21 couples & 7 solos, incl. 30 classmates 

·        4th - held in March 2010 at Tavistock Country Club- 38 persons- 16 couples & 6 solos, incl. 24  classmates

· 3rd - held in March 2009 at The Taproom & Grill (formerly Green Valley Farms) in Haddon Township- 37 persons- 14 couples & 9 solos, incl. 25 classmates


Photos from our Combined Luncheons are on the Class website.  


Class Picnic (Per a Reunion Committee July 2019 decision, the Class Picnic was REPLACED by a 2nd Combined Luncheon at a Country Club every Fall- this will minimize Classmate logistics & outdoor cold weather issues and still encourage Classmate social gatherings.)


· September 2018 at the Herdelin’s home- 19 classmates- 29 persons

· September 2017 at the Herdelin’s Haddonfield home- 19 classmates- 29 persons, plus 3 members of the Classes of ’55 & ‘54

· August 2016- at the Baird’s home- 19 classmates- 31 persons, plus 8 members of the Classes of ‘55/’54/’53 with their spouses or friends

· August 2015- at the Baird’s home- record 23 classmates- record 38 persons, including 2011 Class Scholarship recipient Rachel DiPilla, her mother, father & friend, plus 6 members of the Classes of ’55/’54 with their spouses or solo

· August 2014- at the Baird’s home- 21 classmates- 31 persons, plus 2 members of the Class of ’55 with their spouses

·        August 2013- at the Baird’s home- 18 classmates- 28 persons, plus 2 members of Class of ’55 with their spouses

  • August 2012- at the Baird’s home- 20 classmates- 35 persons, plus 2 members of Class of ’55 with a spouse & a guest
  • August 2011- at the Baird's home- 18 classmates- 29 persons (Hurricane Irene impact)
  • August 2010- at the Baird's home- 21 classmates- 33 persons
  • August 2009- at the Baird's home- 21 classmates- 36 persons, plus 1 former teacher, Carl Wiljhelm (Band & Orchestra) & his wife, Alice & 4 members of Class of '55 & their spouses
  • September 2008- at the Baird's Tavistock home- 21 classmates & 1 former teacher, Martin Beer (Math) 

Photos from our Class Picnics are on the Class website.     


 The Class of 1956 website    


Digital camera pictures of classmates at various Class functions are on our Class website with names under most photos- some of us have changed (slightly). J   


NOTE To get to our website--- type the above address in the  "Address"  section of your Internet Service Provider Home Page & hit the "Enter" key- that should take you to the Class of 1956 website. 

Recommend you bookmark it/put it in your "Favorites" file for easy future reference.     


You can also access the Class of '56 website via the new Haddonfield Alumni Society (HAS) website:  Click on the link to get the Class of '56 website


The Class of '56 supports the HAS mission & its activities- anyone interested in supporting HAwith a donation should go to the HAS website at


**50th Reunion Photos, 1956 Shield Yearbook Photos & 55th Reunion Photos from November 2011 in Cape May are on our Class Website!**      


All individual pictures in the 1956 Shield have been entered on our website. A (Abel)  through Z (Zukowski) 1956 Shield pictures & current place of residence are shown on the Class website. Check it out!    

Have you moved?  Let us know if your hometown info needs correction  


If you have any comments or suggestions regarding the Class website, please let Tom Baird, our website coordinator, or Pierce Pelouze know.    


Please help us with our Class of '56 Email Group.  


Please send Pierce any new or revised classmate email address you have!   


We're now at 116 in our Class Email Group.     



(i.e., if you MoveChange your Phone #, or Change your own email Address)



New Changes to latest Class of ’56 Directory (developed 2016)

(New Directory was developed by Reunion Committee member Florence Mears Thompson & distributed at our October 2016 60th Reunion Dinner)


None in January.


BELOW are PRIOR Changes to our 2006 & 2016 Class Directories 

(If a classmate is not listed, that means we have not received any changes.)  


(Month/year in parenthesis at end of name info is the timing of the posting of the change/s.)


NOTE: For easy identification, all female classmates are FIRST listed under their Maiden name.


NOTE: All classmates that have passed away are now listed below- those passing away before we started the Class Directory section have also been added. 


Please advise Pierce if you have more information, or, you see a need for any correction.




AIKEN, Lynne (Shumaker)- Passed Away (August 15, 2015) (Info thanks to Joyce Jackson Nelson) (8/16)


AMADEI, Ceil (Lyons)- Change address to: 616 Simpson Avenue, Ocean City, NJ 08226- Add Winter address: 9413 Vercelli St., Lake Worth, FL 33467- change email to: email reactivated December 2018- no phone numbers known (11/12)(12/18)


ANDRESS, Bob- Add email: (Info thanks to Carol Stow LaFon) (11/17)(2/18)


ANDRESS, Phil- Passed Away (July 24, 2020) (Info thanks to Bob Andress) (11/20)


BAIRD, Tom (spouse: Judie)- Change home address to: The Evergreens, 309 Bridgeboro Road, Apt. #1118, Moorestown, NJ 08057-1420- new home phone: (856) 437-6174- Tom’s cell no.- (609) 923-1442 (5/17)


BALZEREIT, Dorothy (McGuire)- Change email to: change home town from Canoga Park, CA to Winnetka, CA 91306-2622 (same zip code as before)- all other info still OK (7/10)(5/14)


BARATTA, Peter- Passed Away (April 2002) 


BARBELL, Steve- Change address & email to: 306 Bittlewood Avenue, Berlin, NJ 08009-9490- email: no phone number known (8/11)


BEANE, Connie (Blake) (spouse: Ken)- Change email to: all other info still OK (5/07)(8/09) 


BECKSTED, Howard (partner: Marie Hartman)- Change Winter address to:  2619 E. Francisco Drive, Casa Grande AZ 85194- change email to: all other info still OK (7/13)(6/14) 


BERRY, Sandra (Hegarty)- Passed Away


BEUTLER, Lou- Passed Away (December 2019) (6/20)


BIESZ, John- Change address & phone number to: 1025-J- Village Round, Allentown, PA 18106- cell phone: (484) 619-9811. Email remains (8/19) all other info still OK (2/12)

BIRMINGHAM, Carol (Leonard) (spouse: Roger)- Change address to: 121 Kirkwood Road, Gibbsboro, NJ 08026- phone & email remain: (856) 782-1279- email:  (12/07)(11/08)(2/10)    


BOHLKE, Bill Passed Away (April 12, 2017) (4/17) 


BORRELL, Shirley (Deal)- DELETE EMAIL-  all other info still OK (8/11)(2/15)(9/15) 


BOTTALICO, Tom (spouse: Kitty)- Change address & phone numbers to: 61 Ashford Avenue, Mill Valley, California 94941- home: (415) 888-2616- cell: (415) 500-5060- email remains:  (4/17)


BOYCE, Ward- Passed Away (2001)


BRITT, Sally (Wilson)- Passed Away (October 9, 2009) (6/16)

BROWN, Bill- Passed Away (December 3, 2014) (12/14)


BROWN, Janice (Sweeton) (spouse: Leo Silvan- passed away- September 2019)- Change address, phone number & emails to: 10225 Old (added Old) Ardrey Kell Road, Apt. 246, Charlotte, NC 28277- phone: (980) 613-8621- email for Janice: (12/07)(4/15)(6/15)(12/15)(10/19)


BROWN, Spencer- DELETE EMAIL- all other info still OK (6/11)


BURTON, Don (spouse: Marcia)- BURTON, Don (spouse: Marcia)- Change address & home phone number to: 15924 Tisons Bluff Road, Jacksonville, FL 32218- home phone: (904) 330-0261- email remains cell number remains (609) 617-4771 (6/19)

BUSCHER, John- “Missing/Lost” (as result of  60th Reunion mailing) Last living in Warwick, MD (8/16)


CASTO, Jim- Passed Away (October 19, 2012) (11/12)


CAVANAUGH, Larry- Passed Away (February 20, 2018) (2/18)(3/18)


CHAMBERLIN, Dick- Passed Away (June 18, 2015) (6/15)


CHEW, Dave- Change addresses & phone numbers to: 9 Silver Lake, Clayton, NJ 08312- phone: (856) 881-2179// 425 Mount Vernon Avenue, Bradenton, FL 34210// cell phone: (856) 534-6288- no email (6/16)


CHRISTY, Dick- Passed Away (February 11, 2013) (2/13)


CLARK, Adele (Katz)- Passed Away (January 25, 2019) (2/19)


COHEN, Ed (spouse: Arlene)- Add Winter (Mid-Oct- Mid-May) address & phone: 6404 N. Desert Wind Circle, Tucson, AZ 85750-0978- phone: (520) 615-3965- Add Summer address & phone: 5779 Griffiths Spring, Flagstaff, AZ 86005- phone: (928)-266-1138. Email remains: (2/07)(10/13) 


COLGAN, Jim- “Missing/Lost” (as result of 60th Reunion mailing) Last living in Virginia Beach, VA- no email- Cell was (813) 244-9129 (8/16)


COLLINS, Ted- Passed Away (March 23, 2017) Info thanks to Leighton Shiflett (3/17)


CONGER, Deborah (Pfeffer)- Change apartment to #810- change email to: all other info still OK (8/12)


CONNELL, Joyce (Siegman)- Passed Away


COOK, Serena (Walker)- Change email to: all other contact info still OK (1/15)


COOPER, Craig- Passed Away (December 23, 2016) (12/16)


COOPER, David- (Craig’s brother David’s email) (2/14)


COURTER, Bob (spouse: Sandy)- Add email:– all other info still OK (2/12)


COVELY, Frank- Change address to: 6900 Brandow Woods Drive, Traverse City, MI 49685- phone remains: (231) 421-8511- email remains (7/10)(5/14)(10/14) 


CUBBAGE, Jacqueline (Croom)-  Passed Away (February 22, 2017) (5/17) 


CUNNINGHAM, Dave- Passed Away (May 31, 2012) (6/12)


CUSTER, Jim- Passed Away (April, 2019) (2/20)


D’ARCY, Carolyn- Passed Away


DEAL, Charlie- Passed away (March 12, 2018) (3/18)


DECHRISTY, Eleanor (Barrett)- Passed Away (January 5, 2007) (1/07)


DEVENNY, Hilda (Roche) (spouse: Phillip)- Change email to: all other info still OK (2/13)


DEVER, Paul (spouse: Beverley)- Change email to: all other info still OK (1/10)(3/11) 


DILLER, Edith- DELETE EMAIL- all other info still OK (7/11)


DiMATTEO, Rose (Lustina)- DELETE email: Change address to: Brightview Senior Living, 752 Cooper Street, Woodbury, NJ 08096.  Change phone numbers to: (609) 304-4166 & (856) 251-2114-  Thanks to Florence Mears Thompson for updated contact information. (11/19)


DOBRZYNSKI, Laurette (Stranieri) (spouse: John)- Change email  & phone to: or phone: (336) 899-1970- all other info still OK (12/12)


DYSON, Don- Passed Away


EDWARDS, Ann (Barnes)- Change home address to: 136 Uxbridge, Cherry Hill, NJ 08034- email: phone remains as listed in latest Class 2016 Directory (7/16)(8/16)(5/17)


EGIZI, Eugene- Passed Away (August 9, 2020) (8/20)


ETRIS, Nancy (Bailey)- Change email to: Change address & phone number to: 23 Yarrow Drive, Mount Laurel, NJ 08054- phone: (856) 206-9492- all other info still OK (11/10)(5/13)


FERGUSON, Pat (Cappello)- Passed Away (September 26, 2008) (10/08)  


FIRTH, Melvin- Passed Away (May 11, 2011) (5/11)  


FISHER, Don- Passed Away (January 2, 2018) (1/18)


FOLEY, Charles- Passed Away (April 1966) (3/13) Info thanks to Bob Gavin


FOODER, Sue (Kirkpatrick)- Add email: all other info still OK (10/11) 


FORREST, John- Passed Away


FOSTER, Baird- Passed Away (August 7, 2016) (8/16)


FOWLER, Jerry- Change email to: all other info still OK (2/07) 


FOX, Mary (Zwally)- Passed Away (April 2, 2010) (5/10) 


FRETZ, Molly (Stevens) (spouse: Charles)- Change email to: all other info still OK (11/06)


GALLAGER, Jill (Gardiner)- Change email to: all other info still OK (8/13)


GALLAGER, Judy (Pelouze) (spouse: Bob)- Delete email, per recommendation of her sister, Jill Gallager Gardiner- new home address is 1 Brendenwood Drive, Apt A216, Voorhees, NJ 08043- new phone: (352) 807-0640- no email known at this time (9/20)


GANARY, Gale (Blinsinger)- email: all other info still OK (3/14)


GARWOOD, Patricia (Dean)- Passed Away (2005)


GASKILL, Joe- Passed Away (December 1, 2012) (12/12)


GAVIN, Bob- Change email to: all other info still OK (7/08)(5/11)


GAVIN, John- Passed Away (April 27, 1982) (3/13) Info thanks to Bob Gavin


GIANNONE, Ken- Passed Away (June 5, 2012) (6/12)


GIFFEN, Peter- Passed Away (December 1989)


GREEN, Mary Gayle (Korzekwa)- Change address to: 4 Timber Lane, Clancy, MT 59634-9787- no phone or email known (2/11) (Corrected after 55th Reunion mailing)


HAMMOND, Dick (spouse: Ann)- Change email to: all other info still OK (11/08)    


HARE, Dave- Passed Away (December 15, 2016) (12/16)   


HARGROVE, Joel- Change home address & phone number to: 117 E. Atlantic Avenue, Apt. 403, Haddon Heights, NJ 08035- phone: (609) 941-9447- email remains: (Can also use daughter’s email: (4/18)


HARPER, Barbara (Greenwood)- Passed Away (2001)


HEINISCH, Harry (spouse: Elaine)- Change home address to: P.O. Box 235, Valparaiso, FL 32580- delete former FL home phone: (850) 678-9360- now use FL cell phone (850) 582-1261- email remains the same- no GA address/phone number any longer (2/07)(6/11)(10/12)(12/12)(1/15)


HENSON, Llewellyn- Passed Away (May 2, 2012)


HERDELIN, Nils (spouse: Pat)- Change email to: change address to: 400 N. Haddon Avenue #507, Haddonfield, NJ 08033- all other info still OK (12/10)(5/19) 


HOFFLINGER, Anona- Passed Away (November 1955) 


HOLMES, William (Bill) (spouse: Joan)- Add email: all other info still OK (5/10)  


HOPKINS, Bill (spouse: Nancy)- Change email to: all other info still OK (2/10)(5/14)  


HOPKINS, Jack- Change email to: change phone number to: (360) 908-5669-  change address to: 9200 Second Avenue SW, #103, Seattle, WA 98106- all other info still OK (1/08)(7/10)(6/12)


HORNER, Sandy- Change email to: all other info still OK (9/09)  


HUBBARD, Don- Change address for correspondence to c/o Brian Hubbard, P.O. Box 1192, Monrovia, CA 91017- phone number  remains: (626) 833-4062- email remains (3/10)(5/13)(2/17)  


HUTCHINSON, Dolores (Landgraf)- Passed Away (January 8, 2020)(1/20) 


JACKSON, Frank- Passed Away (December 14, 2018)(12/18)


JACKSON, Joyce (Nelson) (spouse: Richard)- Change address & phone number to: 200 Northside Court, Apt. 222, Lititz, PA 17543-8142- new cell phone: (856) 986-5218-  home phone remains: (856) 234-4324 - email remains: (11/19)


JEFFERIES, Judy (Fielder) (spouse: Fred- passed away- May 2020)- Change address & phone number to: 406 Evergreen Avenue, Westmont, NJ 08108-3513- phone: (856) 854-0810- change email to: all other info still OK (4/08)(7/08)(3/14)(5/20)


JOHNSON, Roy- Passed Away


JOSEPH, LouPassed Away (April 26, 2011) (5/11)


JOYNER, Lee- Change email & phone number to: cell phone (630) 247-3196- all other info still OK (5/18)


KANEFSKY, Harvey (spouse: Sheila)- Change email to: all other info still OK (8/07)     


KARPPINEN, Pat (Lund)- Change address, phone number & email to: 1145 Sea Gull Lane, Cherry Hill, NJ 08003-3112- phone: (856) 429-1704 - email: (5/07)(12/08)(8/09)(10/16)


KERN, Pat (Corasso)- Passed Away (July 16, 2006)


KIRBY, Nancy- Change address & phone to: 429 W. Montgomery Avenue, C204, Haverford, PA 19041- phone: (610) 645-7526- email remains  (11/10)(12/10) 


KRAMER, Merle (Spellman)- Passed Away (May 9, 2010) (6/10)


KRAMER, Terry (Snow)- Passed Away (May 7, 2009) (5/09) 


KURTZ, Gail (McAllister) (spouse: Michael)- Change email to: All other info still OK (12/14)


LAUDENSLAGER, Fern (Rainey) (spouse: Ben)- Change address & phone to: 201 Wilbon Road, Apt. 101, Fuquay-Varina, NC 27526- phone (919) 285-4603- email remains (10/07)(2/16)(5/19)  

LAVINSKY, Freyda (Simon) (spouse: Richard)- Change home address & phone to: 1500 Palisade Avenue, #16D, Fort Lee, NJ 07024- phone: (201) 482- 8886- change email to:  (6/12)(3/19)

LAWRENCE, Pat (Valdes)- Passed Away


LE CATO, Jeanne (Myers)-  Change email to:  & home phone number to: (248) 254-3605- all other info still OK (1/18)


LEIGH, Jack- Passed Away (March 10, 2008) (4/08)  


LEV, Joseph- Passed Away (November 19, 2016) (11/16)


LILLAGORE, Betty (Wood)- Passed Away (December 30, 2014) (1/15)


LOGAN, John- Passed Away (Late 2006) (6/07)  


LOWE, Alice (Gillman)- Change email to: all other info still OK (8/07) 


LYNCH, Dorothy ("Dottie"/ "Dot") (McCart) (spouse: Allen)- Change email to: all other info still OK  (8/07)(8/10)(7/14)


MACALISTER, Barbara (Jackson) (spouse: Spencer)- Change address & phone to: 511 E. Hawthorne Blvd., Wheaton, IL 60187- phone: (560) 383-1993- email remains: (7/16)(3/19)


MARAZZI, Joe (spouse: Carol)- Change address to 9481 Monteverdi Way, Fort Myers, FL,33912- add phone: (239) 225-0074 & add email: (6/16)


MARION, Art- Passed Away (February 15, 2008) (1/14)


MARSHALL, Carol (Cressman)- Passed Away (August 17, 2018) (8/18)


MAY, Sammy- Passed Away (November 9, 1990)- Date added from August 2014 input by Karen Shappell Hahn


MCFEELEY, Jack- Passed Away (May 14, 2012) (5/12)


MCGLADE, Pat (Herdelin) (spouse: Nils)- Change email to: Change address to: 400 N. Haddon Avenue #507, Haddonfield, NJ 08033- all other info still OK (12/10)(5/19)   

MCMILLAN, Arline (Biemiller)- Add email: all other info still OK (2/07)   


MEARS, Charlie (“Chuck”) (spouse: Mickey)- Change address & phone to: 16220 Charleston Avenue, Fort Myers, FL 33908- phone: (239) 437-2522 (home)/ (215) 570-7518 (cell)- change email to: all other info still OK (10/11)(12/11)(1/12)(5/14)


MEARS, Florence (Thompson)- Change address & phone number to: 150A James Street, Beaufort, SC 29902- also, P.O. Box 897, Beaufort, SC 29901- home phone- (843) 525-1131- cell phone remains (609) 605-1131. Email remains (3/19). 


MEEKINS, Betty (Cain) (spouse: Kenneth)- Change address & phone number to: 29 S. Westminster Drive, Leisuretown, Southampton, NJ 08088- phone: (609) 388-5279- change email to: (1/08)(1/09)(5/11)(1/13)


MESSNER, Bill- Add email: all other info still OK (6/10) 


MILLING, Margo (Foster)- Change home address to: The Evergreens, 309 Bridgeboro Road, Apt. 4117, Moorestown, NJ 08057- phone number remains (856) 235-5862 & email remains (10/19)


MINOSSE, Bill- Passed Away


MITCHELL, Dick (spouse: Carole)- Change email to:– all other info still OK (1/13)


MOIR, Marilyn (Van Istendal)- Passed Away (September 25, 2011) (10/11)


MONTGOMERY, Judy (Pflueger)- Passed Away (January 13, 1988) (10/06)  


MORGAN, Carole- Passed Away (July 2, 2005)


MORGAN, Harold- Passed Away


MORMANN, Bill (spouse: Emily)- Change email to: Change address to: 1304 San Miguel Lane, North Fort Myers, FL 33903- all other info still OK (11/10)(12/16)(1/17)(11/20)


MOUNT, Doris (Gribble)- Change address to: 5200 Shawcrest Road, Unit #142, Wildwood, NJ 08260- add email: (8/16)


MULHOLLAND, Brian (spouse: Susan)- Change email to: all other info still OK (1/10)  


MURPHY, Blair- Passed Away (March 8, 2006)


MURPHY, Cindy- Back on email- new email address: (1/13)


MURRAY, Ken (add spouse: Jackie Bennett Murray- married September 2018)- Change Address to 1288 Via Portofino, Naples, FL 34108- phone number and email remain OK (11/18)(3/20)


MYERS, Elayne (Schwartz) (spouse: Donald)- Change address & phone to: 234 Eagleton Lake Blvd., Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418-8060- phone: (561) 622-4337- all other info still OK (12/09)   


MYSZKA, Ted (spouse: Elaine- passed away 3/9/12)- Change email to: all other info still OK (7/17)


OBECK, Gary (spouse: Johanna)- Change address & phone number to: 10925 Dominion Fairways Lane, Glen Allen, VA 23059-5499- phone: (804) 364-3388- change email to: (3/07)(3/18)


ODELL, Gail (Browning)- Change email to: all other info still OK (2/08)  


PAPENHAUSEN, Carol (Restrick) (spouse: Harvey)- Change email to: All other info still OK (5/09) 


PATTEN, Sam- DELETE EMAIL- all other info still OK (12/09)


PATTON, Terry- Change email to: all other address info still OK (12/11)  CHANGE FORTHCOMING


PEARSON, Ginger (Horner) (spouse: Sandy)- Change email to: all other info still OK (9/09)  


PERA, Joan (O'Neill) (spouse: Owen)- Change email to: all other info still OK (5/07)  


PETIT, Beth (Tronoski)- Passed Away  


PILEGGI, Joseph- Passed Away


REED, Marilyn ("Marnie")(Crowell)- Add email: -  all other info still OK (5/10) 


REESE, Dorothy (Hoffman)- Passed Away


REGENSBURG, Dick (spouse: Denise)- Change phone number & email to: (609) 545-8010- email: all other info still OK (11/07) 


RESTRICK, Harvey (spouse: Carol)- Change email to: All other info still OK (5/09) 


RICHMAN, Bill- Add address: 129 Geneva Avenue, Haddon Township, NJ 08108- no phone or email known (2/11)


RICHTER, Dave- Passed Away


ROBSON, Joyce (Trout)- Passed Away (October 14, 2011) (7/15)


SACCA, Dom (spouse: Marie)- Change address and phone numbers to: 115 Hailey Drive, Marlton, NJ 08053-4327- home phone: (856) 344-5845- cell phone (856) 236-6125- email remains unchanged (7/13)


SCHENCK, Robert- Passed Away


SCHLOENDORN, John- Passed Away


SCHMAUDER, Ed (spouse: Carolyn)- Change email to: all other info still OK (6/10) 


SCHREIBSTEIN, Ruth (Bogutz) (spouse: Richard)- Change email to: all other info still OK (2/08) 


SCULL, Carol (Stewart)Change address & email to: 2 Forest Run Road, Williston, VT 05495- email: all other info still OK (3/07)(6/07)(7/09)(2/10)(4/15)


SHAPPELL, Karen (Hahn) (spouse: Edward- passed away- June 13, 2018)- all other info still OK (06/18)


SHIFLETT, Leighton- Change phone number & email to: (972) 304-8016- email: all other info still OK (4/08) 


SLICKMEYER, Fred (spouse: Maryann)- Change phone & email to: (856) 513-6689- email: all other info still OK (10/06)(11/11)


SMITH, Darlene- Passed Away


SMITH, Joyce (Sexton)- Passed Away (1996)


SPAIN, Walt- Passed Away (October 15, 2020) (Info thanks to Nils Herdelin) 10/20


SPARKS, Helen (Denzler)- Passed Away


SPARKS, Sandra (DiCiurcio)- Passed Away (May 2004)


SPEESE, Barbara (Cooper)- Passed Away (August 28, 2011) (10/11) 


STEWART, Joan (Luscian) (spouse: Stephen)- Change address to: 1516 Hill Road, Millville, PA 17846-8683- no phone or email known (2/11) (Corrected after 55th Reunion mailing)


STILES, Thelma (Malecek) (spouse: Ray)- Change email to: all other info still OK  (10/06) (1/10) 


STORM, Frank- Passed Away (October 28, 2019)(2/20)


STOTT, Pamela (Hayward) (spouse: Bob)- Change address to: 36 Marigold Lane, Falmouth, ME 04105-1291- phone: (207) 878-8682- email:  (8/11)(10/16) 


STOW, Carol (LaFon)(spouse: Dan)- Change address & phone to: 3931 Hawks Hill Road, New Windsor, MD 21776- phone: (410) 635-6903- email remains: (5/15)


STUART, Larry- Passed Away (June 6, 2015) (6/15)


STURGIS, Paul (spouse: Joan)- Change address to: 1354 Sugar Maple Court, New Cumberland, PA 17070- new phone: (717) 329-9856- email: (12/09)(10/14)(5/16)(11/20)


TESTERMAN, Barbara (Winters)- Passed Away (May 2, 2019) (05/19)

TEW, Carolyn (Crimmins) (spouse: John)- Change email to: change home to Oxford, FL- need home address- new phone number: (860) 965-8757- all other info still OK (07/20)(11/20)


THOMAS, Ellis- Passed Away (August 28, 2005) 


THOMPSON, C. Robert- Add email: (11/17)


TOWNSEND, DanPassed Away (November 16, 2009) (11/09)  


TRAINO, Barbara (Miller) (Spouse: Tom- Passed Away)- Change address & phone number to: 6 Yarrow Place, Mount Laurel, NJ 08054-6914- Correct phone number to: (609) 320-6932- Add email: all other info still OK (10/16) (11/16)


TURNER, Milbrey (Zelley) (spouse: Walton)- Change email to:– all other info still OK (4/19)


VAN SCIVER, Lynne (Scheiter)- Correct Marlton home zip code from 08002-1061 to 08053- Add text number: (856) 305- 1102- Confirm voice phone number: (856) 983-2189 (10/16)(3/20)


VENELLA, Kathryn (Pontelandolfo)- Passed Away (August 13, 2005)


WATSON, Charles- Passed Away


WELSH, Carol (Benton)- Passed Away


WHEELER, Pat (Green)- Change street address to: 660 Redwood Drive, Southern Pines, NC 28387-3006 (street name change only)- all other info still OK (10/11) 


WILLIS, Esther (Sperbeck)- Passed Away (November 9, 2018) (11/18)  


WILKINSON, Thomas- Passed Away (2004) (12/11)


WILLIAMS, Bill- Passed Away (March 10, 2016) (3/16)


WILSON, Gail (Walker)- Add address: P.O. Box 610, Welches, OR 97067- no phone or email known (2/11)


WILSON, Neal- Passed Away


WIMETZ, Sue (Davis) (spouse: Ralph)- Change email to: Change address to: 8 Smoke Bush Court, Marlton, NJ 08053- All other info still OK (12/07)(6/19)  

WOLCOTT, Susan (Burke)- Passed Away (February 2003)


WORTH, John (spouse: Barbara)- Change email to: all other info still OK (11/12)


ZIMMERMAN, Barbara (Walker) (spouse: Donald)Change address to: 4906 Alamance Drive SE, Southport, NC- phone remains: (910) 454-8482- email address remains unchanged- (8/19)


FORMER TEACHER- Martin M. Beer (Mathematics) Passed Away (April 2012) (5/12)



60th REUNION CLASS DIRECTORY   The above changes UPDATE the 2006 & 2016 Class Directories  


Class Directory was distributed within our 50th Class Reunion Yearbook to all those who ordered the Yearbook or attended our 50th Reunion Reception & Dinner-Dance in October, 2006 We DO NOT have extra 50th Class Reunion Yearbooks.  

We did provide a copy to the HMHS Library, in case anyone wants to see it.  


NOTE: We DO now have a limited quantity of our 2016 60th Reunion Class of 1956 Directory. 


The 60th Reunion Class of 1956 Directory can be ordered from our Treasurer, Dick Mitchell, 1116 Rural Avenue, Voorhees, NJ 08043- send Dick a check for $5.00, made payable to "HMHS Class of 1956". 

2 orders to date.



Our 2016 Class Directory was developed by Reunion Committee member Florence Mears Thompson for distribution at our 2016 60th Reunion. 

Please ensure we have your up-to-date information on your home address, phone number/s, email address, etc. 


Let Florence & Pierce know about any changes. Florence’s email is:


The newest Directory (2016) was distributed to Reunion attendees during our 60th Reunion Dinner on October 15, 2016.




HELP!! We still have 10 "Missing/Lost" Classmates!      


Current "Missing/Lost" Class of '56 Classmates  


(was 24 in 2002- 20 in 2003- 18 in 2004- 14 in 2005- 11 in 2006 to 2011-- after our 55th Reunion Mailing, the number was 10, 9 in 2013, 8 in 2014 & 2015 & 10 in 2016 after our 60th Reunion & still 10 in 2017, 2018, 2019 & 2020.)     



1. John Buscher Lost in MD? Did live in Warwick, MD- 60th Reunion letter was returned.

2. Jim Colgan Lost in FL? Did live in St. Petersburg, FL- no email- 60th Reunion contact failed.

3. Jim Gehring Lost in FL? Tampa and Orlando addresses no good- 55th Reunion letter was returned.

4. Joe Kearney May live in Philadelphia, PA area. 

5. Eleanor Kissinger (Packer) We had an address for Eleanor- She may be in Maine.

6. Pat Ramos (Mihalik) Rumor that she passed away- no confirmation in any public records found- 55th Reunion letter was returned.  

7. Richard Scarle May be in Illinois?  

8. Barbara Stringer (Jones) Possibly passed away? We've not found anything in any public records- does anyone know about Barbara?

9. Paul Thomas 50th Reunion mail returned- was in Seattle, WA- may still be in WA

10. Marjorie Van Sciver  We have an old address for Marjorie & have sent letters- we believe she lives in New York City area.



Do you have any other info on any of our 10 "Missing/Lost" ? 


Please send any info you have to Judy Jefferies Fielder, Secretary- Reunion Committee (her email is below) - Judy has led past searches.


*Class of '56 Scholarship For Further Education in Music* 


To continue our stewardship of our Class Scholarship, Margo Milling Foster is now our Class Scholarship Coordinator and a Co-Chair of our Reunion Committee.


As of December 31, 2009, per Baird Foster, then Class Scholarship Coordinator, our Class Scholarship Fund balance was $27,320.57.  This includes $836.88 interest.   


As of December 31, 2010, our Fund balance was $26,944.36. This includes $623.79 interest. 


As of December 31, 2011, our Fund balance was $26,621.13. The yield was 2.57%.


As of December 31, 2012, our Fund Balance was $26,985.60.  This includes $900 in contributions received in 2012, plus $714.47 interest income. 


As of December 31, 2013, our Fund Balance was $26,476.32.  This includes $100 in contributions received in 2013, plus $640.72 interest income.


As of December 31, 2014, our Fund Balance was $31,252.25. Given 2014 contributions, we did anticipate this higher Fund Balance. This includes $924.98 of interest income.


As of December 31, 2015, after our major Fund Drive, our Fund Balance was $52,679.23.  This includes $1,279.86 of interest income @2.49%.


As of December 31, 2016, per Margo Milling Foster, a new Class Scholarship Coordinator, our Fund Balance was $52,604. 


As of December 31, 2017, per Margo Milling Foster, our total Fund Balance was $53,486.53. This number now includes $1,253.59 of interest income @2.4%.


As of December 31, 2018, per Margo Milling Foster, our Fund Balance, before 2018 interest, was 51,986.53.  2018 interest now added brings the 2018 total to: $53,338.18.


As of December 31, 2019, per Margo Milling Foster, our Fund Balance, before 2019 interest, was $50,732. 94. 2019 interest will be added as soon as available.


NOTE: Before any distributions to Scholarship recipients, in 2006 we began with a balance of $26,104.


In May, 2012 the Reunion Committee raised our Scholarship amount from $1,000 to $1,250 for two years (2012 & 2013) & then raised to $1,500 for 2014 and thereafter.


        14th recipient, John Luke Soumilas, HMHS ’20 ($1,500) Per Margo, check was sent directly by HMHS to student due to Covid 19 closures.

               13th recipient, Quinn Napolitano, HMHS ’19 ($1,500) Presented by Nils Herdelin & Pat McGlade Herdelin

        12th recipient, Bridget Finnegan, HMHS ’18 ($1,500) Presented by Don Burton

        11th recipient, Shannon Lally, HMHS ’17 ($1,500) Presented by Judy Jefferies Fielder

        10th recipient, Thomas Repsik, HMHS ’16 ($1,500) Presented by Baird Foster

        9th recipient, Emily Deluzio, HMHS ’15 ($1,500) Presented by Dick Mitchell & Pierce Pelouze

        8th recipient, Maxfield Sheridan Haubrich, HMHS ’14 ($1,500) Presented by Nils Herdelin & Pat McGlade Herdelin

      7th recipient, Constance Jane Dewey, HMHS ‘13 ($1,250) Presented by Baird Foster & Molly Fretz Stevens 

6th recipient, Daniel Repsik, HMHS ’12 ($1,250) Presented by Baird Foster & Judy Jefferies Fielder

  5th recipient, Rachel Di Pilla, HMHS '11 ($1,000) Presented by Baird Foster & Pierce Pelouze (Rachel came to 2015 Class Picnic w/parents)

    4th recipient, Lucinda "Lucy" Meredith Olson, HMHS '10 ($1,000) Presented by Tom Baird & Baird Foster

    3rd recipient, Colin Andrew Newell, HMHS '09 ($1,000) Presented by Baird Foster & Dick Hammond  

    2nd recipient, Abigail "Abby" Rae Sparrow, HMHS '08 ($1,000) Presented by Baird Foster & Ken Murray

    1st recipient, Charlotte "Lotte" Olson, HMHS' 07 ($1,000) Presented by Baird Foster & Frank Jackson



We welcome additional contributions to our HMHS ’56 Music Scholarship Fund at any time. 


Make your 2021 TAX-DEDUCTIBLE contribution check payable to:

HMHS Scholarship Fund c/o Class of 1956

(it is important for you to have "Class of '56 Scholarship" on your check) 


Mail your check to: 

Haddonfield Memorial High School (HMHS) Scholarship Fund, Class of 1956

Attn: Ms. Samantha DAVIS (Current contact person)  (Carol Barbano retired in January, 2017)

401 East Kings Highway 

Haddonfield, NJ 08033-1297  


Any questions or comments should be sent to:   


Thanks for all previous contributions! 



Class of 1956 Events:  


1.The HMHS '56 Gals & Guys Lunches will continue on a periodic basis, normally every 4-8 weeks. COVID has changed the normal schedule.

Everyone is invited to attend- if you want to be added to the email announcement lists, please let Pierce or Lynne or Ann know.  

If you haven't attended one, we do hope you'll come

They're low-key, casual & it's good to stay in touch......or reconnect!


2. Combined Gals & Guys Luncheonslast one was held Wednesday, May 15, 2019 at Tavistock Country Club.  This included a brief “Classmate Mingle” at 11:30 to give everyone a chance to interact freely before having lunch at noon. 

To replace the 2019 Class Picnic, we had a 2nd Combined Gals & Guys Luncheon on Thursday, October 17, 2019 at Tavistock.  

Our intention is to continue with 2 Combined Luncheons each calendar year, as conditions permit.

2021 Alert- Combined Luncheon- due to COVID- 19 virus situation & current gathering restrictions, it will not be held again until later in 2021!

3. All Class of '56 members can also participate in Haddonfield Alumni Society (HAS) events- the events are listed on the NEW HAS website: & below.  


Please also consider making a 2020 tax-deductible contribution to HAS.

Go to website for additional information.



Class of 1956 Reunion Committee (16 members)   


Pierce Pelouze- Co-Chair 

Margo Milling Foster- Co-Chair & Class Scholarship Coordinator

  • Email: - Phone: (856) 235-5862

Lynne Van Sciver Scheiter- Co- Chair Gals Events

· Email: – Phone: (856) 983-2189

Ann Edwards Barnes – Co- Chair Gals Events

· Email: – Phone: (856) 429-5027

Dick Mitchell- Treasurer (NEW)

  • Email: Cell Phone: (609) 605-7142 

Judy Jefferies Fielder- Secretary 

Other Committee Members: Tom Baird, Shirley Borrell Deal, Molly Fretz Stevens, Dick Hammond, Nils Herdelin, Joyce Jackson Nelson, Pat McGlade Herdelin, Florence Mears Thompson- Class Directory Editor, Joan Pera O'Neill, Paul Sturgis




Please attend:   


· Class of 1956 Gals Luncheons or Guys Lunches, as scheduled by Lynne/Ann or Pierce. 

  ·       Class of 1956  Combined Gals & Guys Luncheon at Tavistock Country Club- 1st HELD May 15, 2019 to avoid snow!                               

To replace the Class Picnic, a 2nd Combined Luncheon was HELD Thursday, October 17, 2019 at Tavistock.

· Haddonfield Alumni  Society (HAS) (For ALL HMHS Classes):  Fall 2019 “Happy Hour”- HELD Wed Nov 27, 2019 at Tavistock       

· Class of 1956 60th Reunion- HELD Fri. Oct. 14/ Sat. Oct. 15/ Sun. Oct. 16, 2016

· We hope our 65th REUNION will be later in 2021!    


Here’s to a healthy Winter 2021!

Best Wishes- Class of 1956 Reunion Committee                                                                   

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