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Third Tuesday of every month September through May/June, except December
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Help, Support and Contact Information

Where can I get additional information on the features and use of the message boards?
See the Message Board Guidelines and Instructions.
I have been promoted to "Moderator" in the message boards. Where can I find more information about this position?
See the FAQs for Moderators.
I appear to be registered, and logged in, but I cannot access the message boards or e-mail alumni.  It indicates that I need to log in on the home page.
The cookies that keep you logged in have been eaten (just kidding).  You will need to Logout, and then Login again.
I checked the home page and message boards.  Do you have any information regarding a reunion for my class?
Whatever you see on the web site, and in the message boards, is the information we have.  A good suggestion is for you to post your question in the appropriate "Class of ..." forum so that others may see it, and hopefully respond.  Be sure to mention if you are just looking for information, willing to help, or if you are looking to start the planning yourself.
I don't have e-mail. Can I still register/participate?
You need an e-mail address in order to register and gain access to the web site.  Need an e-mail address?  Everybody can get one (or more), you can access your messages or write new e-mails from anywhere, and it's all a whole lot of fun, too. Free web-based e-mail accounts are great, and many of them tame the spam problem, too.
Do cookies need to be enabled in order to use the alumni site?
Since most Web-based resources and most functions on the alumni site require that your browser is set up to accept cookies, we recommend that you enable cookies for optimal use of the Haddonfield Alumni Society alumni web site.
My e-mail address or mailing address has changed.  How do I update my account?
Log in using your e-mail address on record, and click the "Edit" link next to your name in the alumni directory of your graduating class, or the link for "Update My Info | Edit Profile".  Forgot your password?
I am not on my own computer.  If I wanted to e-mail someone will they know it is from me?
Yes.  As long as you are logged into the alumni site, a secure form is provided in which to e-mail others.  Your account will send the message on your behalf.  The recipient's e-mail address is never revealed on the web site and you do not need an e-mail program installed to send a message.
If I e-mail someone and they e-mail me back, where do I go to read it?
When you e-mail someone from the web site, it goes to their regular e-mail inbox.  If they reply to you you'll get it in your inbox just the same.
How do I submit photos for the home page photo gallery?
Submitted photos should be resized for web viewing (72 pixels/inch resolution and no more than 1024 pixels in width).  You can then ask the site administrator how you can submit photos for consideration to be posted.  Alternatively, you can post your photos on an external site and post a link in your class message board.
I registered, but I cannot log in?
If you recently registered, you need to make sure your account has been verified before you can gain access.  Profiles require administrator approval. Once approved you will be notified via e-mail and given access to login. Please allow a few days for approval.
I registered, but have not received the e-mail confirmation in my inbox. I cannot login.
When you registered your profile needed administrator approval. Please allow a few days for approval. Send us an e-mail and let us know you are still waiting.
I am logged in, but cannot see the list of 'Class Years' on the home page in order to find other alumni.
If you are using Internet Explorer on a Macintosh, this problem may exist.  Use the following link to access the class of 2005, then just change the last four digits to the year of your choice.  Sorry for the inconvenience, we are working to correct this.  Class of 2005.
How can I find my missing password?
If you are logged out, click "Forgot your password?" on the left-side navigation bar.
What does, "Sorry, your login information does not match or does not exist." mean, when I try to log in?
Your e-mail / password does not match for the graduation year selected.  Check to see you have properly selected your correct graduation year.  Make sure you are using the same e-mail address as the one you registered.  If you are still having problems, request to have your password sent to you.
What does "Sorry, your e-mail address was not found for the year specified." mean, when I try request my password?
For the year you entered, an account for that e-mail address could not be found.  Perhaps you recently registered, but your registration was never validated through the e-mail confirmation you should have received.  At this point it's best to just register again, but be sure to look for the e-mail confirmation.  This e-mail contains a link you must click to activate your account.
How often is the support / webmaster e-mail checked?
This site has been designed to run on its own.  Logins, password retrieval, and account creations are all automated.  E-mail is checked periodically, but can range from daily to weekly. Thank you for your patience.
I have a suggestion for the site, what can I do with it?
Contact the site administrator.
Where can I find the latest information on an upcoming reunion?
Whatever you see on the web site, in the Events listing, and in the message boards, is the information we have.  A good suggestion is for you to post your question in the appropriate "Class of ..." forum so that others may see it, and hopefully respond.  Be sure to mention if you are just looking for information, willing to help, or if you are looking to start the planning yourself.
I am planning our reunion, where do I begin?
Look at "event planning information" under "Upcoming Events" on the home page, or contact the site administrator.
What if I have an additional question?
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